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Learn Osaka, the Mercantile Capital of Japan and deepen your understanding of culture and business

The theme of this program is “Learning Osaka, the Mercantile Capital of Japan”. While studying at Kansai University which is located in Osaka, first of all, you will understand the history and culture of Osaka deeply, and discuss the diversity of ideas and values as they compare with their home countries.

In addition, after learning basic knowledge and information about Osaka through lectures, you take advantage of the characteristics of the mercantile city of Osaka, get to know companies originated in Osaka and understand the “entrepreneurial spirit of the mercantile city of Osaka”. Besides, if you’re interested in, you have opportunity to learn fundamental Japanese language in order to “survive” in Japan during your short stay.

Experience what you learn first-hand,
“hands-on program”

Experience what you learn first-hand,
“hands-on program”

This program focuses on hands-on experience outside of classes after learning in class. Therefore, you can be filled with learning and discoveries throughout abundant visits to cultural and historical facilities as well as interactions with business people during your short stay.

You can also make lifelong connections with participants and Japanese students by learning and growing together throughout the programs.

This program will be held twice a year in summer and winter.

Admission Timeline

Details Time Period
Summer Winter
Program period

Two-week course

Unit1Beginning to middle of July

Unit2Middle of July to beginning of August

Four-week course

Unit3Beginning of July to beginning of August

Two-week course ONLY

Middle to the end of January

Announcement Early or middle of February Early August
Application deadline Middle of April Middle of October
Result notification Beginning of May Middle of November
Payment End of May Middle of November
Issue of acceptance letter Middle of June End of November

*The program will be exhibited in English except for Survival Japanese Language.
*The timeline is subject to change.


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