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The Faculty provides three interdisciplinary courses:

Media Information

"Media Information" area focuses on the theory and practice of media and communication technologies as well as their application in real-life settings such as home and school. Students learn to understand the issues of media and communication from linguistic, psychological, sociological, educational, social and cultural points of view. They also acquire technical skills in designing, producing, evaluating, and managing the development of interactive digital contents and services for the Internet and other media.

Social Information System

"Social Information System" area deals with the effective use and management of computer-based information systems in businesses and organizations. Students take a variety of courses, such as policy formulation, organizational behavior, management information, and innovation theories, through which they gain the ability to analyze business and organizational issues from an information point of view and find effective ways to design implement and manage information systems to meet the organization's tactical and strategic needs.


"Computing" area addresses the design and implementation of software systems, from small- to large-scale, from personal to organizational, and from centralized to distributed systems. It offers a variety of computer-science related courses, including computer architecture, networks, programming languages, algorithms, graphics and image processing, simulation, Web and mobile technologies, human-computer interaction, and artificial intelligence. Students gain technical, theoretical and practical understandings of information and communication technologies with particular emphasis on the symbiosis of the human and the computer.


Introduction to Informatics and Computing

First Year Seminar, Enjoy Computing

Foundation courses in humanities, social and natural sciences

Philosophy, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Information and Human Rights, Information and Vocations, Jurisprudence, Japanese Constitution, Political Science, Economics, Management, Statistics, Mathematics, Health and physical education, etc.

Foreign Languages

English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Contemporary Japan

Core subjects on the technical, human and social aspects of information

Information Society, Computer Ethics, Computer Science, Principles of Languages and Programming, Principles of Computer Electronics, Introduction to Computer Network, Introduction to Information Systems

Specialized and Applied Courses

Introduction to Programming, Cognitive Science, Human Communication, Information in Business, Network Computing, Intelligent Computing, Information Design, Media and Communication Studies, Programming Methodology, Legal Protection of Software, Intellectual Property Law, Web Marketing, Accounting Information Systems, Government Systems, Policy Processes, Public Policy, Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations, Microeconomic Models, Game Theory, Principles of Database Management, Computer Simulation, Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Analysis Methodology, Data Structure and Algorithms, Programming Language, Web Information Systems, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Cognitive Psychology, Human-Agent Interaction, Entertainment Studies, Internet Journalism Studies, Document Processing, Psycholinguistics and Information, Computer Graphics, Print Media Production, Social Psychology, Information Processing of the Earth, Society on the Network, Creative Advertising, Computer Crime, Legal and Ethical Problems of Communication Media, Multimedia Education, Environmental Informatics, Economic Policy Simulation, Hardware Architecture, Internet and Psychology, CAD/CAM Systems, Vector Analysis, General Systems Theory, Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Philosophy of Science, Software Analysis and Design, Interface Engineering, etc.

Studio and Laboratory courses for programming, simulation, graphics, and multimedia contents production

Computer Science, Basics of Programming, Video Production-Basic, Basics of Graphics, Data Literacy, Network Computing, Data Analysis, Programming in C, Object-Oriented Programming with Java, Digital Image Editing, Video Production-Advanced, Advertising, Video Production-Professional, Production of Community, Applied Internet Journalism Studies, Computer Graphics, Algorithm, Computer Simulation, Research methods in Behavior Science, Legal Information Processing, Electoral Data Analysis, Public policy Data Analysis, Economic Information Processing, Business Information Processing, Sound Interaction, System Programming, Network Communications and Information Systems, Development of Application System, etc.

Seminars and Thesis work.

Varieties of Topics

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