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【開催案内】I(情報・通信・電子)研究部門 外国語による特別講演会(2019.7.11開催)

日 時:
2019年7月11日(木) 13:00~14:30
場 所:
関西大学千里山キャンパス 学術フロンティア・コア 3階会議室
講 演:
"Cortical Entrainment for Speech Comprehension
 in Multi-Talker Environment"
  Prof. Chin-Tuan Tan

   The University of Texas, Dallas
Human verbal communication involves an exchange of information between two or more people in order to convey and receive intended meanings through speech. To be effective, communication requires the ability to deliver a verbal message and the capacity to comprehend the message. Although in everyday life we can reliably follow one speech stream in a multi-talker environment, understanding the underlying brain's mechanism remains as a major challenge in auditory neuroscience. Speech comprehension has been proposed to rely on cortical entrainment, that is, synchronization between cortical signals and the envelope of the acoustic speech signal (acoustic amplitude envelope). The core framework of cortical entrainment reflects the principle of attentional selection with cortical signals, and demonstrates oscillatory characteristics (particularly, the phase) adjusted to ensure high synchrony to the quasirhythmic or rhythmic acoustic amplitude envelope. Auditory deprivation in humans will also provide a unique insight into this problem, because the origin of the anatomical and functional changes observed in deaf individuals is not only sensory, but also cognitive. This suggests that after plastic reorganization, cortical regions adapt to process a different type of input signal, but preserve the nature of the computation they perform, both at a sensory and cognitive level. We will present our behavioral and physiological work with hearing impaired speakers (aided/unaided) and normal hearing listeners to demonstrate the cortical entrainment when listening to attended speech.

     2019年7月11日開催 外国語講演会 開催案内

   〒564-8680 大阪府吹田市山手町3-3-35
   TEL:06-6368-1178 FAX:06-6368-0080 E-Mail:sentan@ml.kandai.jp

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