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Faculty Members Faculty Members

Faculty Members


Name Main Class Research Themes
ASANO Akira Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Image Sciences, Visual Affective Sciences
ATSUJI Shigeo Organizational Decision–Making Disaster Management, Organizational Intelligence
COOK, Norman D. General Systems Theory Cerebral Laterality, Triadic Cognition
DATE Etsuro Mathematics Completely Integrable Systems
FURUTA Hitoshi Fuzzy Logic, Theory and Application Application of Fuzzy Logic, Application of Genetic Algorithms
HAYASHI Isao Brain Computing Computational Brain and Intelligent Informatics
HAYASHI Takahiro Information Retrieval Multimedia Information Retrieval, Interactive systems
HAYASHI Takefumi Computer Graphics Computer Graphics, Cognitive Science
HIROKANE Michiyuki Mathematics Chaos Theory, Applied Mathematics
HORI Masahiro Web Information Systems Human-Computer Interaction, Information design
HORII Yasushi Physics of information transmission Acoustioc and Microwave Devices, Metamaterials and Non-Foster Circuits
ISADA Fumihiko Business Strategy and Management Corporate Strategy, Innovation Management
ITO Toshihide Computer Simulation Applied Geology, Soft Computing
IZUMI Katsuyuki Intellectual Property Law Intellectual Property Law, Intellectual Property Law and Competition
KATO Takashi Cognitive Psychology Human Information Processing, Human-Computer Interaction
KITA Chigusa Information Society History of Technology, Science and Technology Studies
KITAJIMA Osamu Business Behavior Analysis Management Accounting and Simulation, Grouping and Networking Strategy of Japanese Corporations
KITANI Shin-ichi Public Administration Public Administration, Regionalism
KOGA Hiroshi Introduction to Information Systems Knowledge Management, IT Management
KUBOTA Ken-ichi Media Production and Expression Learning environment Design, Development Communication
KUBOTA Mayumi Human Communication Nonverbal Communication, Intercultural Communication
KUROKAMI Haruo Multimedia Education Learning Situation Design, Educational Media Development
KUWABARA Takashi Psychology Interpersonal Communication, Emotional Information Processing
KUWAKADO Hidenori Information Security Cryptography and Information Security
MATSUSHITA Mitsunori Interface Engineering Multimodal Information Summarization, Information Compilation, and Intelligent Interactive Systems
MATSUMOTO Wataru Survey Methodology Survey Date Collection and Analysis
MORIO Hiroaki Social Psychology Attitude structure and change, Computer-mediated communication, Dynamical
MURATA Tadahiko Programming Methodology Social Simulation, Agent-based Modeling, Many-Objective Optimization
NAKAGAWA Nobutoshi Sociology Sociology of Social Problems
NAKAGAWA Yuji Data Structure and Algorithm Algorithms and Computational Complexity, Discrete Optimization
NATORI Ryouta Political Science Political Science
OGINO Masaki Cognitive Robotics Congnitive Robotics, Natural Computation
OHORI Shuichi Environmental Economics Environmental Economics, International Economics
OKADA Tomoyuki Media and Communication Studies Sociology of Telecommunication, Cultural-Sociological Study of Media Communication
SHIOMURA Takashi Microeconomic Models Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium Theory
SHYI Shae-hang Management Information Systems Effective Use of Information Technology in Business, Role of Information Technologies in Customer Satisfaction
TAGASHIRA Shigeaki Introduction to Programming Network software, context awareness, and location-dependent application
TAKENAKA Youichi Data Science Data Science, Bioinformatics, Legal Informatics
TANAKA Shigenori Knowledge Information Processing Application System, Intelligent Computing. Object-Oriented Programming
TANIMOTO Naho Studies in Popular Culture Communication Studies, Cultural Sociology
TOGIYA Norio Cultural Resource Informatics Digital Cultural Heritage, Digital Archive
TOKUYAMA Mitsue Marketing Research Branding
TSUJI Mitsuhiro Computer Statistics Computer Statistics, Visualizing Data, Software Design
TSUKIYAMA Hiroki Political Science Electoral Politics, Legislative Politics, Local Politics.
UEHARA Ryou Ethics and philosophy of Science Philosophy, Ethics of Science and Technology
YOSHIDA Nobuaki Quantitative Analysis Methodology Hardware Architecture, Nuclear Physics
YONEZAWA Tomoko Human Agent Interaction Human-media Communication, Intelligent and Anthropomorphic Behaviors of Communication Robot/Agent, Visual-audio Overlaying AR Virtual Environment

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Associate Professor

Name Main Class Research Themes
IURA Takashi Media Aesthetics  
INOUE Shinji Software Quality / Reliability Software Quality / Reliability Assessment, Statistical Quality Control, Software Management
FUKUSHIMA Rikihiro Legal and Ethical Problems of Communication Media Freedom of Speech and the Internet
KOBAYASHI Takashi Introduction to Computer Network Computer and Network Security
NAKAMOTO Yasuhiro    
NISHIDA Koichi Psycholinguistics and Information Constructions of Identitiy in Social context

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