日時: 2020年9月30日(水)16:30~18:00

場所: オンライン・セミナー

報告者: 長塚昌生 氏

タイトル: "The Intrinsic Value of Decision Rights and Reciprocity"

要旨: This study examines how intrinsic values of owing decision rights change when people are placed in a reciprocal environment. In recent years, an allocation of decision rights in firms has become an important issue in organizational management. Job specific theory suggests that intrinsic motivation through a sense of psychological ownership can increase organizational productivity. Recent researches in experimental economics also have shown that the decision right is one of the key factors for organizational productivity. As for putting the decision rights in opponent's hands, previous experimental research has shown that reciprocal relationship within memberships lead to decrease productivity due to averse being controlled. However, the relationship between owning decision right and reciprocity has not yet been clarified. Thus, we designed an experiment to test whether reciprocal environment affect intrinsic values of decision rights. Our findings indicated that people who were assigned in reciprocal treatment had an altered value for owing decision rights. Results in this paper provides new insights into the relationship between an allocation of decision rights and reciprocity, and thus may be relevant to actual organizational design.