A message from an International student of Kansai University: Part 1


Exchange student life would not have been nearly as culturally and socially enriching had it not been for the dedicated and trustworthy staff of the international division at Kansai University. With the enormous pressure of studying abroad as a daily obstacle, the international division has been not only a place of kind consultation and advice, but a space to cultivate relationships with students from other countries - a sort of melting pot of cultural backgrounds and life experiences. Opportunities to study go beyond the classroom as the international division not only creates the ideal atmosphere for mutual learning, but regularly conveys to its students cultural events and activities that will be held in nearby areas. Coming to Kansai University was the best decision I have ever made as I feel as though I have become more culturally enlightened by the opportunities I have been granted thus far and most especially, because of the fond memories I have and continue to make at this university.

  • Roseanne Flor / Exchange Student<br> (The Australian National University)

    Roseanne Flor / Exchange Student
    (The Australian National University)

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