M.A./Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education

The Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research was founded in 2002. It was the first graduate school of its kind in Japan. Each year, the school accepts 25 students into its M.A. program and 8 students into its Ph.D. program.

Both the M.A. program and the Ph.D. program offer three particular areas of specialization: Language Teaching & Learning, Translation & Interpretation, and Intercultural Communication.

The Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research accepts students from all fields who are interested in language teaching. Since its founding, the school has attracted students from Kansai University, other universities across Japan as well as international students and those who are already in the workforce. Furthermore, an additional feature of the School is the offering of courses such as the “Course for the Nurturing of Specialists in Japanese Language Education,” which have been established to provide support for a wide variety of career pathways.

Recurrent Education

We place a particular emphasis on recurrent education and many of our students are junior and senior high school teachers who are studying to improve their teaching skills. For those who want to study while continuing their day-time jobs, we offer evening classes as well as a three year M.A. in addition to the normal two year M.A.. Those with extensive teaching experience may also be accepted into our special one year M.A. program for teachers. In addition, intensive courses are offered during summer and winter vacation to make it easier for our working students to attend classes.

M.A. Courses

The M.A. program strives to maintain a balance between theory and practice by requiring students to choose courses from a group of theoretically oriented courses as well as from a group of methodologically and practically oriented courses. In addition, each student must take one seminar course from within his/her specific area of specialization.

Pathways of Study in the M.A. Program

The Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research offers three study pathways:

THESIS PATHWAY: This is recommended for research oriented students and it consists of writing a thesis on your chosen area of study in addition to course work.

TEACHING MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY: This is recommended for students who want to focus more on the practical aspects of language teaching and it consists of developing teaching materials accompanied by a commentary in addition to course work.

COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION PLAN: This option is available only to students who are admitted under the Experienced Teachers’ One Year M.A. Program and consists of taking a comprehensive examination at the end of the program.

Ph.D. Courses

The goal of the program is to produce researchers and leaders in the field of foreign language teaching. Ph.D. students work closely with their advisers in the seminar course where they will get help in defining their individual research. Students are also required to take Ph.D. level courses to gain a deeper understanding of their areas of specialization.