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Exhibition Galleries of Kansai University Museum

First Exhibition Gallery

Special exhibition is held every spring in this gallery.

Second Exhibition Gallery

Japanese archaeological materials and artifacts are exhibited in this gallery. As for the most notable items, there are 16 artifacts designated as Important Cultural Properties, which include Jomon pottery, slit-stone-earrings, Yayoi pottery, a stone-pillow, and so on.

Past Exhibitions

Spring, 2014 The Masterpiecies of Kansai Universitiy Library and Museum
Spring, 2013 Masterpieces of KAWACHI KUNIHIRA Japanese Swordsmith
Spring, 2012 The Oriental Fine Ceramics / The Old Inkstones and Stationery The Nambu Collection
Spring, 2011 History of the MOTOYAMA Collection
Spring, 2010 Overseas Materials of the Kansai University Museum
Spring, 2009 Syokugyo-fujin-emaki Working women in Taisho era
Spring, 2008 Tenmoku: Masterpieces of Kimura Moriyasu
Spring, 2007 Gold and Silver: Japanese Old Money
Spring, 2006 ROAD TO INCA -TREASURES of the ANDES-

Exhibition Room of Takamatsuzuka-kofun burial mound wall painting ceramic replica

In March 1972, under the guidance of the Emeritus Professor Masao Suenaga, Assist. Prof. Yoshinori Aboshi led the students of Kansai University and discovered the ancient Takamatsuzuka-kofun burial mound wall painting. The discovery was called ”the great discovery of the century” at the time.

This replicated exhibition room shows richly colored figures of “Chinese Gods of four directions”, “servant groups”, “maid groups”, “the sun and the moon”, and “a map of astronomy” on the art ceramic boards which are in full-scale exactness based on the photographs taken just after the discovery of the fresco detection and reproduced them an original state of the burial mound.