Hanyang University(漢陽大学)



■所在地: 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04763, Korea

  • ■本学と結んでいる協定:
  • 基本協定、
  • 学生交換協定
  • ■実施プログラム:
  • 語学セミナー実施校



1939年 前身の「東亜工科学院」創立

1959年 「漢陽大学」に改称し、総合大学となる


























【English Course】
We offer around 1,000 courses in English (15% of all courses) per year over various departments. Exchange students are allowed to take courses from different departments upon availability. The most up-to-date course list becomes available a month prior to the beginning of semester. Until then, student should refer to the previous year’s course list. (e.g. 2017 spring semester applicant should refer to 2016 spring semester course list) The previous English course list and information on how to find the syllabus can be found on our website.



【Korean Language Course】
3 types of Korean language courses are offered for exchange students during their study period at Hanyang. (Introductory Korean Language Level 1 / Level 2, Intensive Korean Language) Registration will be done separately from the regular course resignation and the instruction will be given during the orientation. More information can be found in website.



【Study Load】
Regular student’s study load at Hanyang is 15~18 credits per semester. Exchange students should take at least one regular course (2 or 3 credits) per semester and be aware that Korean language course is not regarded as a regular course. Transcript will not be issued to those who fail to take less than 2 credit course.  
Maximum credits for undergraduate student to take per semester is 20. For graduate students, maximum credits that students can take per semester is 12. 


●Hanyang University is experiencing high demand for certain areas of the courses, especially in Business School. Students must be aware that it may be very difficult to register for these courses and their preferred choices of courses are NOT GUARANTEED. We ask exchange students to be flexible with their course preferences.


●College/School NOT AVAILABLE to students    
College of Medicine, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy Global Techno Graduate School of Business
Global Graduate School of Business Graduate School of Business
Graduate School of Technology & Innovation Management (only possible with department level agreement)
Graduate School of International Studies (only possible with department level agreement)
Graduate School of Urban Studies (only possible with department level agreement)


Academic Calendar 2017/18

Spring Semester:March 2 – June 21
Fall Semester:September 1 – December 21
Orientation:1-2 working days before the Semester Starts


Students can apply for Hanyang’s housing and the application will be done separately approximately 2 months before the semester begins. Application works on “first-come, first-served” basis and special arrangement can  be made for scholarship recipients upon availability. Housing information can be found from website.