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SUCCESS-Osaka Summit was held

On December 3, SUCCESS-Osaka Summit, the symposium of the 12 universities selected for Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) “Employment promotion program in Japan for international students” was held online.


SUCCESS-Osaka program has started since 2017 funded by MEXT in order to support international students who will work as high-level global human resources for companies in Japan after graduation. Kansai University carries the program as “SUCCESS-Osaka” along with Osaka University, Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University.


In the 1st part, 11 universities participated in panel discussion with the theme “employment support for international students after the pandemic of COVID-19”. Although there were the characteristics in the employment situation by each university, there were many common issues, and they were made clearer due to the pandemic of COVID-19.


The 2nd part, SUCCESS-Osaka Award, honored the top 4 students who earned the most points to complete the program among the SUCCESS-Fellows (international students) who participated in SUCCESS-Osaka program. In addition, the certificate of appreciation was presented to the partner companies that provide support for the program. This year, we were not able to hold an award ceremony where all assemble in a site, so we delivered videos of the awards being presented individually.


In the 3rd part, the lecturer Ms. Junko Okuda (Principal of Communica Institute) gave a lecture on the theme of "Business Japanese Language Education in the New Normal Era: a core framework for high-level global human resources". Based on the history of the development of high-level global human resources and business Japanese language education from the 1970s to the present, and the data of the level of Japanese Communication required by companies for international students, she lectured the concept of course design and framework creation for business Japanese language education.




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