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“SUCCESS-Osaka Future Design 2020” was held.

We held the presentation contest “SUCCESS-Osaka Future Design 2020” online on 20th November and around 260 people in all such as international students, business people, and people related to the university participated.


The event proposed the business plans for the future of Osaka/Kansai through identifying the SDGs related social issues.


First of all, Dr. Yutaka Maeda, the president of Kansai university, delivered a keynote speech with a theme “Create our future – for the personnel development beyond the border, especially in the situation with COVID-19-”. After that, 13 international students in 5 teams had wonderful presentations one after another. Discovering the social issues in Osaka/Kansai area, they had how to identify and solve challenges through various seminars. Moreover, while working on this project over 8 months period, they got a practical wisdom from the their internship experience. As the culmination of their great works, all students confidently presented their own business plans capable of solving possible issues.


Next, the active talk session “How can we draw up a blueprint for the future of Osaka/Kansai, regarding a personnel retention in a worldwide competitive situation?” was expanded by Dr. Keiko Ikeda, the professor of Division of International Affairs at Kansai university with the guests, Mr. Yoshimasa Sakai, Director-General of Policy and Planning Bureau at Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition, and Mr. Hiroyuki Nemoto, the Director-General, JETRO Osaka. At the last, the result of this presentation contest determined by the directors’ judge and public votes was announced. The  “Flexitarian saves the earth! Issues of environment and hunger” team won the first prize, and the “Issues of access to studying abroad in Japan” team won special recognition award.


The participant company were very pleased and left comments, such as “we were amazed by brilliant Japanese skills the international students acquire. The presentation materials were so of high quality and well organized that they were very easy to understand”, and “we had a good opportunity to reconsider SDGs”.



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