Ph.D. of Disaster Management Program

International Symposium on Strategy of Disaster Risk Management for Sustainable Growth

Date: September 13, 2019 (Fri.)
Venue: M910, West building, Takatsuki Muse
Campus, Osaka, Japan
Please RSVP by Sep. 5 to fss-symposium@ml.kandai.jp


13:00 Welcome Remarks

Prof. Keiji Shibai President, Kansai University Dr. Katsuyuki Kamei Director of PDM, Kansai University

13:10 Student Summer Camp Wrap-Up Session

14:00 Break

14:15 Presentations MC: Dr. Tomofumi Koyama
Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University

DRR Higher Education a corner stone for Sustainable Development and Disaster Risk Governance – an Asian Perspectives.
Dr. Indrajit Pal
How Can We Enhance Local Resilience against Disasters? An Institutional Approach.
Dr. Shingo Nagamatsu
Effective Way of Protecting and Monitoring Geo-disaster Using FBG Sensors.
Dr. Kim Young-Sang
Reducing Urban Disaster Risks by Urban Planning.
Dr. Guofang Zhai

15:30-16:00 Break

Development of an Integrated Natural Disaster Management Framework for Railway System.
Dr. Yung-Cheng (Rex) Lai
Crisis Communication at Fukushima NPP Accident in 2011.
Prof. Shoji Tsuchida
What Do Emergency Managers Need from the Fields of Engineering and Science?
Dr. James Goltz
Physical Modeling on the Disasters of Geotechnical Engineering.
Dr. Wen-Yi Hung
Japanese Philosophy of Disaster and Risk Management –“Jomon” or “Yayoi”?-.
Dr. Katsuyuki Kamei

17:15 Closing Remark

Dr. Koji Ichii Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University


  1. Indrajit Pal, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Asian Institute of Technology(AIT), Thailand, Disaster and Development
     Dr. Indrajit Pal is Assistant Professor and Chair in the Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management, AIT, Thailand and has more than 16 years of experience in research, teaching, training, advocacy, consultancy primarily focused on disaster risk governance, incident command system, hazard and risk assessment, CBDRM, public health risk, disaster resilience, and DRR Education. Dr. Pal is a Visiting Professor - Disaster Risk Management at Philippines School of Business Administration (PSBA, Manila). Some of his ongoing research includes Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Development Education in Asia, Risk Characterization in Asian Delta communities in "Living Deltas" UKRI project.

  2. Shingo Nagamatsu, Ph.D.
    Professor, Kansai University, Economics and Public Policy
     Shingo Nagamatsu is a professor of risk and disaster economics in the faculty of Societal Safety Sciences at Kansai University in Japan. His research concern is disaster management policy and economics. His recent publications include Building Back a Better Tohoku from the March 2011 Tsunami - A Contradicting Evidence, in Santiago-Fandiño et al eds., “Reconstruction and Restoration after the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami” from Springer. He is concurrently serving as the Manager of Disaster Resilience Research Division, National Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience (NIED), Tsukuba, Japan.

  3. Young-sang Kim, Ph.D.
    Professor, Chonnam National University, Korea, Asset Management of Infrastructure
     Young-sang Kim is a professor of civil engineering at Chonnam National University in Korea. His research concern is geotechnical disaster prevention technology and renewable energy. His recent publications include development of new geo-materials for efficient geo-thermal heat pump system, in Youmg-sang Kim et al eds., “Utilization of by-product in controlled low-strength material for geothermal systems: Engineering performances, environmental impact, and cost analysis” from Elsevier. He is concurrently serving as the Head of and head of Honnam Regional Infrastructure Management Center (HRIT), Gwangju, Korea.

  4. Guofang Zhai, Ph.D.
    Professor, Nagjing University, Risk Analysis and Urban Planning
     Guofang Zhai is a professor of risk analysis and urban planning in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning at Nanjing University in China. His research concern is disaster management policy and urban planning. His recent publications include Integrated Framework for Emergency Shelter Planning based on Multi-hazard Risk Evaluation and Its Application: a Case Study in China, in ASCE's Natural Hazards Review, “Urban Public Safety Planning”(in Chinese) from China Architecture & Building Press. He is concurrently serving as the member of National Development Planning Expert Committee of the 13th Five-Year Plan, China.

  5. Shoji Tsuchida
    Professor, Kansai University, Social Psychology
     Shoji Tsuchida is a professor of risk communication and risk perception in the faculty of Societal Safety Sciences at Kansai University in Japan. He is a social psychologist by training. He is a councilor of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) and a director of Atomic Energy Society of Japan (SEAJ). He is a Task Group member of International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP). Last year he published a textbook “Psychology of Safety and Risk: Safety created by mind” with his colleagues at the faculty. His researches about crisis communication at Fukushima NPP accident were on Journal of SEAJ and book “THE FUKUSHIMA AND TOHOKU DISASTER” edited by the faculty of Societal Safety Sciences, Kansai University.

  6. Yung-Cheng (Rex) Lai, Ph.D.
    Professor, National Taiwan University, Transportation Engineering
     Yung-Cheng Lai, also go by Rex, is a professor in the Railway Technology Research Center and Division of Transportation Engineering of Department of Civil Engineering at National Taiwan University. His main research interests include railway operation, capacity planning, and railway safety. His professional services and performance were recognized with the “Distinguished Young Transportation Professional Award” from the Chinese Institute of Transportation in 2013, the “Ta-You Wu Memorial Award” from the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014, and the “Certificate of Appreciation” from the US Transportation Research Board in 2016.

  7. James Goltz , Ph.D.
    Visiting Professor, Kyoto University, Disaster Management
     James Goltz is currently a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and a guest professor at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University in Japan. He is a former Branch Chief for Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Volcanic Hazards for the California Office of Emergency Services in the US. His current research interests include human behavior in earthquake and tsunami disasters, earthquake early warning and operational earthquake forecasting. His recent publications include: Earthquakes and Human Behavior: A Sociological Perspective (with Linda B. Bourque) and Tsunami Tendenko: A Sociological Critique. He recently served as an emergency management representative on the Advisory Committee of the US National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program.

  8. Wen-Yi Hung, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, National Central University, Taiwan, Liquefaction
     Wen-Yi Hung us an associate professor of civil engineering department at National Central University in Taiwan. His research concern is physical modeling by geotechnical centrifuge, and the recent research topics are lateral spreading during soil liquefaction, landslide by gravity, rainfall and earthquake and its countermeasure, pile foundation, sheet pile wall system, mechanical stabilized earth wall system, and the interaction response of canister and buffer for high level waste disposal system. He is concurrently serving as the Director of Alumni Service Center, Office of Secretariat of NCU; Society General of Chinese Taipei Geotechnical Society; President of Taiwan Construction Social Benefit Association.

  9. Katsuyuki Kamei, Ph.D.
    Professor, Kansai University, Crisis Management
     Katsuyuki Kamei is a professor of risk management in the faculty of Societal Safety Sciences at Kansai University in Japan. He is a responsible for the program of PDM, Ph.DDisaster Management . DEA at Aix-Marseille III University and Ph.Dat Osaka City University, his recent research concern is risk management and entrepreneurship. His recent publications cover the field of risk management at SMEs and community. He is concurrently serving as president of SocieteFranco-Japonaisede Gestionand vice president of Japan Risk Management Society. In 2018, he organized, with Nikkei and French Embassy, International Symposium on Health of SME owners and Risk Management.