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List of Faculty Members

Department of Mathematics

Title Name Research Area
Professor FUJIOKA Atsushi Differential Geometry related to Integrable Systems
Geometric Variational Problems
Affine Differential Geometry
MURABAYASHI Naoki Numer Theory
Arithmetic of Abelian Varieties
SHODA Toshihiro Geometric analysis on manifolds
Geometric invariants on submanifolds
Moduli Theory of periodic minimal surfaces
TAKEDA Masayoshi Theory of Markov Processes
Probabilistic Potential Theory
UEMURA Toshihiro Probability Theory
Dirichlet Space Theory
Theory of Markov Processes
WAKUI Michihisa Ring Theory
Low Dimensional Topology
YANAGAWA Kohji Combinatorial Commutative Algebra
Derived Category
Oriented Matroid
Associate Professor KANKI Masataka Integrable systems
Discrete dynamical systems
Cellular automata
TERAMOTO Hiroshi Computational Algebra
Applied Singularity Theory
Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems
YAMAZAKI Kazutoshi Mathematical Finance
Insurance Mathematics
Levy Processes
Assistant Professor UEHARA Yuma Statistical Theory of Stochastic Processes
Levy Processes
High Frequency Data Analysis

Department of Pure and Applied Physics

Title Name Research Area
Professor ASAKAWA Makoto Plasma Physics
Free-Electron Laser
Accelerator Physics and Technology
INADA Mitsuru Nano-materials Science
Semiconductor Physics
Nanostructure Engineering
ITANO Tomoaki Fluid Dynamics
Turbulent Shear Flow
Osmotic Phenomena
ITO Makoto α cluster structures in nuclei
Transmutation of nuclear waste
Non-Hermite few-body systems
ITOH Hiroyoshi Theoretical Solid State Physics
Computational Materials Science
SUGIHARA-SEKI Masako Fluid Dynamics
Theoretical Study on Blood Flow
Rheological Study of the Microcirculation
Sports Fluid Mechanics
Particulate Flow in Micro / Mini Channels
WADA Takahiro Super-Heavy Elements
Theory of Nuclear Fission Dynamics
Mathematical Model for Radiation Effects
YAMAGUCHI Soichiro Space engineering of solid rocket
Microwave tomography for medical application
Terahertz radiation
YAMAMOTO Ken Phase Conjugation of Ultrasonic Wave
Optical Visualization of Acoustic Field
Associate Professor HONDA Syuta Designs for Spintronics and Magnetics Devices
Thin Semiconductor Devices
Physics for Junctions of Semiconductor and Metal
MOTOSUGA Masatsugu Teaching physics using interactive technology
Development of teaching materials that utilize experiments for physics education
Practical study on physics education to enhance scientific thought
YAMAMOTO Mahito Novel device architectures
Two-dimensional materials
Nanostrtucture physics

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Title Name Research Area
Professor AOYAGI Seiji MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
ARAI Yasuhiko Measurement Systems
Application of Moire Fringe
Optical Actuator
BANDO Kiyoshi Fluids Engineering and Biomechanics
Fluid and Elastic Membrane Coupled Problems
Computational Biomechanics
ITO Takeshi Biosensor
Functional materials with nano structures
Micro total analysis system
SHIMIZU Tomohiro Nanostructure synthesis using self-organized template
Nanowire sensors and electronics devices
Nanowire energy harvesting
KOGANEZAWA Shinji Vibration power generator
IoT mechatronics
Actuators and sensors
Viscoelasticity and friction
KOTANI Kentaro Human Factors in Engineering and Design
Human-Computer Interaction
Eye movement research
MAE Yasushi Human/Eurltonment recoguion based on real-world sensing
Human-centered intelligent system design
Natural human-robot interaction
MATSUMOTO Ryosuke Heat Transfer Engineering
SAITOH Ken-ichi Computational Mechanics
Solid Mechanics
Materials Science and Engineering
SHINGUBARA Shoso Nano fabrication using self-organization and application for sensor and memory
3-D Integration & Interconnect Technology using electroless and electroplating
TAKAHASHI Yoshimasa Micro-mechanism of Fatigue Strength
Mechanical Properties of Micro/Nano-scale Materials
Fracture Mechanics of Dissimilar Interface
TAKATA Keiji Scanning Probe Microscopy and Related Physics
TAKUMA Masanori Materials Design
Materials Evaluation
Fatigue Damage and Fracture Strength
TANI Hiroshi Nanotribology
Tribology of Magnetic Storage System
Triboelectric Nanogenerator
UMEKAWA Hisashi Convective Flow Boiling
Quantitative Measurement by Neutron Radiography
Heat and Mass Transfer
UTSUNO Hideo Evaluation of pulse wave propagation in Blood vessel
Noise raduction of automobile and Bulletin train
Acoustic Mechanism of Musical Instrament scuh as violin and flute
FURUSHIRO Naomichi Suppression of Tool Wear in Ultra-Precision Diamond Turning
Mechanochemical Superfinishing of Optical and Electronic Materials
Three-Dimensional Diamond Cutting in Nanometric Scale
YAMAGUCHI Tomomi Precision Machinery
Design of Tool Using Micro Fabrication
YAMAMOTO Yasufumi Computational Fluid Dynamics
Interfacial Phenomena in Multiphase Systems
Flow containing fine particles
Associate Professor AMI Takeyuki Two-Phase Flow Dynamics
Critical Heat Flux in Forced Convective Boiling
Numerical Simulation of Multi-Phase Flow
HIROOKA Daisuke Flow control valve using particle excitation by torsional vibration
Precision positioning mechanism using pneumatic control system
Development of small sized flow control valve using PZT element
KURATA Junichi Assistive Technology
Control Engineering
ODA Yutaka Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Heat Transfer
Development of Cooling Technology for Gas Turbines
Wind Tunnel Expertment with Advanced Measurement Techniques
LU Renguo Development of eco-friendly lubricants and additives
Development of smart tribosystem with ultralow friction
SATO Tomohiro Powder Metallurgy
Computational Simulation
Material design
SUZUKI Satoshi Ergonomics and Behavioral Science
Biomedical Engineering
Man-Machine Interface
SUZUKI Masato MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)
Optical Engineering
Semiconductor-Device Engineering
TAJIKAWA Tsutomu Biomechanics and Fluids Engineering
In-vitro study on Cardiovascular System and Artificial Organ
Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in Human Body
TAKAHASHI Tomokazu Universal pripper
Soft actuator
Micro power generator
YAMADA Keisuke Smart structure system
Dynamic vibration absorber
Vibration isolation
Vibration analysis using model analysis
Lecturer MURAKAMI Yoshihiro Combinatorial Optimization
Nurse/Production schecluling
Assistant Professor ASAO Takafumi Driver Behavior
Man-Machine System
Human's Perception
KAWADA Shouhei Development of active friction control system
Friction phenomena related to human body
Evaluation of ionic liquids as lubricant additives
OTOMO Ryoko Analysis of particels motion by Stokesian dynamice approach
Analysis on Permeation and Diffusion in Membrane filter
Study on Swelling and Hemolytic Behavior of Human Red Blood Cells caused by Osmotic Pressure Difference

Department of Electrical,Electronic and Information Engineering

Title Name Research Area
Professor ITO Hidetaka Nonlinear and chaotic dynamical systeams
Dynamics-based comuting
EBARA Hiroyuki Algorithm Theory
Discrete Optimization
OHASHI Shunsuke Applied Superconductivity
Linear Drive and Magnetic Levitation
Power Electronics
HAMADA Shoji Applied electrical engineering
Numerical electromagnetic field analysis
HIKAWA Hiroomi Hardware Neural Network
Gesture Recognition System
Signal Processing Hardware
KAJIKAWA Yoshinobu Audio and Electroacoustics
Acoustic Signal Processing
Biometrics Authentication Based on Machine Learning
KITAMURA Toshiaki Investigation of the Auditory System and the Device Application
Microwave Engineering
KOJIRI Tomoko Learning/Education Support System
Computer-supported Collaborative Learning
Environment Design for Creative Activity
MAEDA Yutaka Soft Computing/Computational Intelligence
Neural Networks and their Hardware Implementation
Stochastic Control Theory
MATSUSHIMA Kyoji Computer Holography
Computer-Generated Hologram
Digital Holography
Simulation in Wave Optics
MIYOSHI Seiji Statistical Mechanics of Information Processing
Statistical Learning Theory
Statistical Image Processing
Computational Neuro Science
MUNEYASU Mitsuji Medical image processing
Moving image processing
Data embedding to printed image
Noise reduction for image
Machine learding for image processing
MURANAKA Noriaki Mind Reading Technology
Intelligence, Kansei and Intention Information Processing System
Safty, Disaster Prevention and Comfortable Information Processing System
SAIKI Taku High-Power and High-Efficient Solar-Pumped Solid-State Lasers
New Laser Materials
Production of Renewable Energy Using Metalic Nanoparticles Based on Laser Ablation
TAJITSU Yoshiro Piezoelectricity and Photoelasticity
Sensor and Actuator
Dielectrics (inc. conductivity)
wearable Device
TOKUMARU Masataka Human-Computer Interaction
Emotional Information Processing
Computational Intelligence
YAMAMOTO Miki Network Protocol
Content Distribution Network
Wireless Communication Networks
YAMAMOTO Yasushi Liquid blanket and diverter for nuclear fusion reactors
Hydrogen permeation through ceramics
Micro Electrical grids
Compact Fusion Neutron Source
YOMO Hiroyuki Wireless Network Control for Vehicular Networks
Intelligent Wireless Access
Cross-layer Protocol Design for Wireless Networks
Associate Professor HANADA Yoshiko Evolutionary Computation
Combinatorial Optimization
Multi-objective Optimization
HIRATA Kouji Future Networking
Optical Network
Network Optimization
SATO Shingo Device and process Simulation
TEG development for device analysis
Theory and modeling on semiconductor physics
WADA Tomotaka Wireless Mobile Communications
Intelligent Transport Systems
Ubiquitous Sensor Networks
YONETSU Daigo Analytical and Experimental Study about Characteristics in Induction Heating Cooker
Analytical and Experimental Study about Characteristics in Induction Power Transmission System
Analytical and Experimental Study about Electromagnetic Environment
Assistant Professor Emmanuel Ayedoun Human-Computer Interaction
Emotionally Intelligent Systems
Embodied Conversational Agent
OSAWA Hodaka Study on Discharge Mechanism of Beam Colliding Fusion Neutron Source
Numerical Study of Plasma with Particle Simulation
Study on Advanced Fuel Fusion Reactor
TAKARADA Jun Microscopic Property of Ferroelectric Polymer Film
Field Effect Transistor with Piezoelectric Gate Insulator
Test for Piezoelectric Constant of Polymer by Direct Method
MOTONAKA Kimiko Motion planning for a quadrotor
Autonomous control systeam for a group flight
Path Planninge
YOSHIDA Soh Image/Video semantic analysis
Content-based multimedia retrieval
Social media analysis
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