Job Seeking Support and
Career Guidance
for Enrolled Students

We offer a wide variety of programs to support students with career selection and job hunting, beginning in their first year and continuing until they graduate.

 Our University established the Center for Career Development for the purpose of providing career design support and guidance in line with the needs of each of our students.  We aim to provide comprehensive student services.
 The Center for Career Development offers various career and job seeking support programs while also providing various types of information on career development and job seeking, all of which is intended to help students, from their first year immediately after admission until they graduate.  In addition to communicating information and holding events, we also engage with students to help them achieve their personal career goals and offer face-to-face consultation to address students' job-hunting concerns.

Career Development and Job Hunting Support Programs

Major Job Seeking and Career Support Events

* We also hold various other carefully designed events, including the U/I Turn Job Seeking Seminar (job seeking in or outside one's hometown), job-seeking support seminar for persons with disabilities, and job-seeking support program for international students.