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Center for Career Development

A wide variety of programs to support freshmen to seniors and alumni in their career decisions and job seeking

The Center for Career Development provides students with various modes of support to help them realize their dreams in their chosen professions. Progressively thinking about the future prospects of students starting from the lower grades, in addition to regular university classes about career opportunities : the Center for Career Development offers seminars related to career design, learning practical skills and knowledge, internship programs to on-job-training in enterprises, and other programs. The Center for Career Development also develops dynamic support events such as holding on-campus enterprise research seminars in which more than 1,200 companies are invited on a yearly basis. We also organize lectures concerning job-hunting, and hold student-alumni group meetings. To meet the needs of a global society, our internship programs in a number of areas in the USA, fast-growing Asian countries and the global enterprise exploration programs in which first and second year students visit Japanese enterprises in Los Angeles and Vietnum are conducted to foster international human resources.

The Career Design Room is available for individual students' career/job-related questions. The career counseling advisors here provide professional and constructive advice. In the Center for Career Development Office, job placement counselors also give advice related to various job-seeking questions posed by students. There is also a support desk to facilitate graduate employment. Alumni who graduated up to five years previously can receive support for employment placement.

Career Center


KICSS is an internet career support system provided by the Center for Career Development. Through utilizing the system, students can access information necessary to help them decide to their career path, anywhere, anytime. In the KICSS database, there are many items of information about companies in the private and public sectors, as well as employment opportunities, alumni career information and the Center for Career Development event information, making it a vital resource for all students as they search for jobs.

CAP System (Aptitude Test and Worksheets)

The CAP System is a unique computer-assisted career guidance system developed for Kansai University students. It is a job aptitude test, which consists of six aptitude tests including vocational interest and behavioral types, and about forty work sheets. By using the system, students can effectively conduct self-analysis, and gain a better understanding of various occupations. The CAP system can be accessed from KICSS, Kansai University Information System.

Career Design Room

Career Design Room

The Career Design Room assists students with career counseling, providing access to the library related to employment, as well as sitting the job aptitude test on the PC. Counselors give detailed advice to each student based on their test results. There are also the Center for Career Development Branch offices operating in the Takatsuki, Takatsuki Muse, and Sakai Campuses.

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