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  Kansai University is working to create an environment that stimulates interest in international cooperation through activities such as hosting seminars by highly accomplished experts in relevant fields, while at the same time developing and presenting its own ideas on the subject.

International Cooperation GuidanceDivision of International Affairs (International Cooperation Guidance)

  Kansai University offer International Cooperation Guidance as an introductory lecture of international cooperation. Participants could learn basic knowledge of International Cooperation in this lecture, and also would be able to learn concrete information of this subject by participating for International Cooperation Seminars introduced as follows.

International Cooperation SeminarsDivision of International Affairs (International Cooperation Seminars)

  Highly accomplished experts on international cooperation are invited to these seminars to present their unique perspectives on the subject, and share the joys of working on a world scale. Participants come away inspired to consider joining a cooperative effort themselves in the future.

International Cooperation Service LearningDivision of International Affairs (International Cooperation Service Learning)

  Kansai University's General Education Courses includes International Cooperation Service Learning Courses. Consisting of both lectures and training sessions, these courses offer hands-on experience to allow students to link theory and practice in order to make a contribution to the world.

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