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Professor Harushige Kusumi Elected as the President

Professor Harushige Kusumi - Dean, the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering - was selected as the 40th president of Kansai University in a presidential election on July 29, 2009, upon the expiration of the term of the incumbent President Teiichi Kawata. He is to serve a three-year term as of October 1.

Prof. Kusumi started his career as an assistant of the Faculty of Engineering in January, 1982, after he had obtained a postgraduate degree at Kansai University. He served as a lecturer and then assistant professor, before he became a professor of the division in April, 2002. In the wake of the reorganization of the Engineering Division, Prof. Kusumi was elected as the Dean of the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering in April, 2007 and later appointed as a trustee in October, 2008.

His field of research is geotechnical engineering.

Prof Harushige Kusumi

August 04, 2009 09:48 AM UP

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