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Academic Interaction Agreement concluded between ICIS and the Faculty of History, Hue University of Sciences, Vietnam

The Institute for Cultural Interaction Studies (ICIS) concluded an academic interaction agreement with the Faculty of History, Hue University of Sciences on April 19, 2009. Under the agreement, the two institutions work together to promote various programs on cultural interaction studies.

Hue University of Sciences was established as a university in the coastal and the highland area of central Vietnam with the aim of cultivating human resources for the development of society, culture and economy in the region. Its Faculty of History, which was set up in 1976, currently consists of departments of World History, Vietnam History, Cultural Anthropology, Social Activity and Archeology.

Mutual cooperation over the past years on academic researches, which include the fieldwork conducted in an old outer port village of Hue as a part of ICIS’s peripheral project, resulted in the conclusion of the agreement.
The two institutions intend to work cooperatively in order to conduct education and research activities, and to strengthen the Japan-Vietnam friendship.

Website of ICIS’s article about the agreement

May 18, 2009 12:00 PM UP

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