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Opening ceremony of Japan-EU Research Center and The 1st Japan Week

The Kansai University Japan-EU Research Center was established at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, one of our partner universities, as a part of the Kansai University’s 120-year anniversary projects.
On March 10, we are celebrating an opening ceremony of the Center followed by a variety events titled as “The 1st Japan Week” from March 11 through 13. The events focus on cultural exchanges with students and the general public, and collaborative symposium on Japanology and EU research as follows;

・a live interview of Yoji Yamada, a film director and visiting professor of Kansai University by a Belgian film critic,
・showing of films of Director Yamada’s masterpieces on “SAMURAI”,
・exhibition and forum of “Painted Screen depicting Osaka during the Toyotomi Period”, a collection of Landesmuseum Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle Museum) in Graz, Austria, and
・performance of Noh drama, one of the Japanese traditional arts.

For further information, see the website (


February 29, 2008 10:54 AM UP

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