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Graduate School of Business and Commerce

The Graduate School of Business and Commerce offers two programs, the Academic Research Course and the Professional Research Course. The Academic Research Course offers seminars and thesis guidance courses, with the aim of providing students with the advanced skills essential to the conduct of effective independent research in their respective areas of specialization. The Professional Research Course aims to educate future professionals including business consultants, securities analysts, or certified tax accountants, with a flexibility of mind and a sense of reality. Offered in this program are both theoretical and practical courses, including workshops, practical training internship at corporations, and method courses designed to equip the students with insights, analytical minds, and expressiveness. The Graduate School of Business and Commerce trains future researchers and professionals who can offer solutions to a wide range of current business problems based on their analysis of corporate behavior.

In 2015, the Data Scientist Program (DS Program) was established for the purpose of fostering Data Scientists who can generate valuable information with the application of large-scale data stored in and out of enterprises, through advanced information technology.
In 2021, the Global Retailing Program will be introduced into the Professional Research Courses, providing global insights for the retail industry.


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Master's Degree Program

  • Business and Commerce Major
    Academic Research Course/ Professional Research Course

Doctoral Degree Program

  • Business and Commerce Major
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