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Organizational Chart

Academics & Researches

(as of April.1, 2019)

Faculty Department
Faculty of Law Law and Politics
Faculty of Letters General Humanities 
Faculty of Economics Economics
Faculty of Business and Commerce Business and Commerce
Faculty of Sociology Sociology - Sociology Major, Psychology Major, Media Studies Major and Social System Design Major
Faculty of Policy Studies Policiy Studies, Policy Studies/Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Faculty of Foreign Language Studies Foreign Language Studies
Faculty of Health and Well-being Health and Well-being
Faculty of Informatics Informatics
Faculty of Societal Safety Sciences Safety Management
Faculty of Engineering Science Mathematics
Pure and Applied Physics
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronic Enginnering
Faculty of Environmental and Urban Engineering Architecture
Civil, Environmental and Applied Systems Engineering
Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering
Faculty of Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering Chemistry and Materials Engineering
Life Science and Biotechnology
Graduate Schools Majors
Master's Degree Program Ph. D. Degree Program Professional Degree program
Graduate School of Law Law and Politics Law and Politics  
Graduate School of Letters General Humanities General Humanities  
Graduate School of Economics Economics Economics  
Graduate School of Business and Commerce Commerce Commerce  
Graduate School of Sociology Sociology
Social System Design
Mass Communication
Social System Design
Mass Communication
Graduate School of Informatics Social Informatics
Intelligent Informatics
Graduate School of Science and Engineering Engineering Science
Environmental and Urban Engineering
Chemistry, Materials and Bioengineering
Integrated Science and Engineering  
Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research Foreign Language Education and Research Foreign Language Education and Research  
Graduate School of Psychology Psychology Psychology Professional Clinical Psychology
Graduate School of Societal Safety Sciences Disaster Prevention and Reduction Disaster Prevention and Reduction  
Graduate School of East Asian Cultures Cultural Interaction Cultural Interaction  
Graduate School of Governance Governance Governance  
Graduate School of Health and Well-being Health and Well-being Health and Well-being  
School of Law     Juris
School of Accountancy     Accountancy

Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Program Preparatory Course(Bekka)

Administrative organization

(as of April.1, 2019)

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