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A Message from the President

Office of the President

Confronting social realities, and meeting the challenges of social change

Harushige Kusumi

With my inauguration as the 42nd President of Kansai University in October 2016, I would like to assert my determination to fully pursue my responsibilities in leading this university, with its long and splendid history and sense of tradition.

Kansai University has seen remarkable development over its many years. We celebrated our 130th anniversary in 2016. We have 13 faculties, 13 graduate schools, three professional graduate schools, as well as a preparatory course for international students. Over our long history, all those involved in building our institution have had to overcome various hardships to achieve such prestigious standing. While always keeping this in mind, we now need to make a courageous new start in order to explore an even brighter future, and a new era of further reform that balances reality and ideals. In order to proudly pass on “the burning torch of intelligence” at our 150th, or even 200th, anniversary, we must gather all our collective wisdom to engineer a concrete plan for reform, and proceed boldly.

The keys to cementing a robust set of reforms are research and education for the further growth of the university, and social and international engagement to strongly connect with the outside world. These are the most important elements necessary for the university to pursue its mission as an essential organ of higher education, and as part of our society, community, and indeed the world, for a richer, brighter future.

1. Further enhancement of research as the driving force of our university
Providing a free and energetic environment for research is one of the key elements required to invigorate our university. Therefore, we will strive to raise research standards university-wide through the creation of a strategic research-promotion structure. In this way, we will establish an intellectual and creative climate to initiate new research organizations aiming at scholarly breakthroughs, as well as to strengthen our existing research institutes.

2. Education that disseminates a broad base of knowledge
The knowhow created through good research should be passed on to the next generation through solid educational activities. To realize this, our team of teachers and staff members will work together to provide support to students so that they may learn in an independent and autonomous manner. We will be sensitive to what is happening in the world and greater society, by learning from a diverse pool of exemplar projects for improving university education, with the aim of fostering students who can think, act and make a difference to the society they live in.

3. Fruitful collaboration between the university and society
We believe that we can assure the kind of sound academic environment where active research and learning profoundly rooted in society can be established through interaction with the world outside of the campus. Therefore, we will make every effort to involve ourselves in a range of activities that foster comprehensive exchanges with the society we serve, extending beyond the framework of business-academia collaborations.

4. International activities as a commitment to globalization
Our university will continue to make bold moves from a strategic perspective in a variety of ways. These include greater diversity among university staff and teachers; promotion of cross-cultural education; international education addressing global issues, such as the environment, energy, terrorism and conflicts; regional studies; foreign-language education of English and other languages; and an increase in the number of students who study overseas.

As President of Kansai University, I am firmly committed to demonstrating and perpetuating our outstanding, original presence as an institution. Furthermore, I resolve to take on the significant responsibility of promoting our university as an institution that fosters students who can think and act effectively toward a brighter future. This, of course, is of the utmost importance to our students, their families, alumni, business, corporations and local communities and, in fact, contemporary global society as a whole.

Harushige Kusumi President

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