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The Making of the Movie

We are finally going to film the movie on March 29-31, 2011

Recording at 9am on the 29th.
We recorded the music for the movie at the brass band training room.

The brass band practiced a lot for this day.
Everyone was in perfect harmony.

Mr. Kuroda and his staff carefully planned the following day's filming.

The filming started at 7:30am on the 30th. A lot of students, including cheerleaders, the brass band and baseball club members, gathered from early morning.

As the students were unaccustomed to filming, they looked a little nervous.
To relax the students, Mr. Kuroda had a friendly chat with them.

Using a camera dolly in front of the Rinpukan. We can't wait to see what the images will be like.

In the Yukyu No Niwa.
A scene with the cheerleaders and brass band. The costumes made a nice contrast against the green lawn.

Working with the students, we began filming a lecture scene from 17pm.

Filming finished at 12pm on the 31st.
We finished filming at the faculty of Sociology and everything went off without a hitch.
In the end, we took a commemorative photo with Mr. Kuroda and his staff. A job well done!

The Making of the Movie

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