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KU Web Movie

You can view the following videos on campus life at Kansai University.
The videos were created by the team of Hideki Kuroda, Japan's leading TV commercial director and a graduate of Kansai University.

The first series

The Beat of “THINK x ACT”
Your future will move on at Kansai University

In July 2008, Kansai University determined its long-term vision for the university, adopting the slogan of ‘looking social realities in the face, and meeting the challenges presented by social change, KU human resources fully capable of "action-from-thought" will open up new worlds'. In the first series, based on the slogan, we show three videos with the keywords of “study”, “sports” and “environment”. Enjoy viewing what life is like at Kansai University.

The second series

Enjoy viewing KU students’ fulfilling life on campuses.

The videos introduce KU academics, with showing KU students' daily life. The original song in the video was written by Hideki Kuroda, with the music composed by Tatsuro Kondo. The KU cheering band plays and the mixed chorus “Ashi” sings the music.

The Making of the Movie

Profile of Mr. Hideki Kuroda

Mr. Hideki Kuroda

TV commercial director
Born in Osaka in 1958. Graduated from the Faculty of Sociology at Kansai University in 1982 and joined Dentsu Creative X Inc. (formerly Dentsu Motion Pictures) He became a freelancer in 1990 and established his own office in 1994.
His known works are “Can you work 24 hours?” for Sankyo Regain Energy Drink, “Pepsi Man” series for Suntory Holdings, “Gatsuby” for Mandam Corporation, “Tsubaki” and “The Collagen” for Shiseido Company and etc., which were all retained in viewer’s memory with unique images, and reputed to have changed the trend of commercial films. Recent works are films for “Zoff” and lottery. Apart from being a commercial director, he also directs music videos for Japanese singers, such as Masaharu Fukuyama, the Southern All Stars, SMAP and AKB48. By processing every few photographing frames, he produces videos that stimulate a right brain of a viewer. Received many awards.

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