Location of Kansai University

Campuses of Kansai University are located in Osaka, the biggest city in Western Japan. Osaka is well-known as a metropolis at the forefront in disseminating cultural information throughout history. Other important cities such as Kyoto, Nara and Kobe are all located within about an hour’s train ride, giving Kansai University’s international students many opportunities to explore Japan’s history and culture.
Featuring at the center of Japanese commerce since ancient times, the people of Osaka are known for their sociability and unique sense of humor. Furthermore, during the Edo period Osaka was known as the “kitchen of the nation” because of the great variety of food available at a cheap price.
The Economist Intelligence Unit, an investigation department of an English newspaper “The Economist” lists Osaka third in the Safe Cities Index 2017. Osaka is also ranked high at first place particularly in the health security category.

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