Education(International Exchange Students to Kansai University)

Short Term Exchange Students

Following exchange student agreements, Kansai University accepts exchange students from affiliated universities each year in April and September.

The International Division programme offers Japanese language classes and Japanese Studies classes for the exchange students.

There are six levels of Japanese language classes that range from beginning to advanced according to the student’s level. Regardless of level, all of the classes emphasise the development of oral skills as well as reading and writing skills.

The Japanese Studies classes include a wide variety of subjects: history, social structure, the cultural arts, the military arts, economics, philosophy and religion.

All of the classes in Japanese Studies are in English.

Along with the classes above, those exchange students with the language skills are allowed to attend lectures for the Japanese students. Each of these classes is ninety minutes in length.

Those who are graduate students at their home institutions are allowed to study under the direction of a professor at Kansai University. They are, of course, allowed to study Japanese language in the classes designed for the exchange students.

Along with establishing friendships with the students, Kansai University also encourages extracurricular cultural activities with advice and support so that the international students experience culture outside the university experience. The university has thus arranged for cultural activities within Japanese society yet outside of the university with the hope that this will deepen mutual interaction.

One of the KU Bridge international community activities is to hold a monthly event at the seminar house or a boarding house.

For detailed information on the foreign exchange student, please peruse the contents available through the links below.

※ Please note, there can be changes in the classes listed in the university guide.

Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Course Program(JLC)

The purpose of the Kansai University Japanese Language and Culture Course Program (JLC) is to provide instruction to overseas’ undergraduate and graduate students in Japanese language and culture. The course offerings include classes in Japanese language and Japanese Studies. The Japanese language classes are held in Japanese, and the Japanese Studies classes are conducted in English.

For those students enrolled at universities affiliated with Kansai University who fulfil the requirements are eligible to apply.

Kansai University Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC)

Kansai University Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Course (IJLC) is for 2 to 3 weeks held in summer and winter. The purpose is to provide instruction to overseas’ undergraduate and graduate students not only in Japanese language, but also in Japan studies including field trips to Kyoto, Kobe, or Osaka, and Japanese culture experience which enable the participants to learn and understand Japanese language, culture and society from various perspectives.

  • IJLC
  • IJLC