We have professors who have played a leading role at academic conferences in the fields of politics,economics,and Asian law,and in the forefront of business.

Faculties Subject
Noriyuki ASANO Introduction to Law Ⅰ
Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Constitutional Law Ⅱ
Constitutional Law Ⅲ
Asian Law and Society Ⅱ
Shigenori ISHIDA Social Security
Welfare Policy
Tetsukazu OKAMOTO Introduction to Political Science Ⅱ
Public Administration
Policy Process
Kazuyoshi OKU Introduction to Business Administration
International Economics
International Society and Economy
Rieko KARATANI Introduction to International Relations
Transnational Relations
Nobuki KAWASAKI Introduction to Economics
International Economic Policy
Development Economics
Motonobu GOTO Introduction to Law Ⅱ
Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Organization and law
Hideki KONISHI Introduction to Political Science Ⅱ
Japanese Politics
Political Sociology
Masumi SHIRAISHI Local Society Ⅱ
Health and Welfare in Local Society
Kikuo NISHIZAWA Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Civil Law Ⅰ
International Cooperation and Asia
Asian Law and Society Ⅲ
Koshi HASHIMOTO Management of Local Government
Community Renovation
Keiji HABARA Risk Management
Non-life Insurance
Teruhiko HARADA Regional Economy
Comparative Politics/Economy
Shin'ichi MIYASHITA Introduction to Business Administration
Business Logistics
Transportation Policy
Masataka YASUTAKE Introduction to Political Science Ⅰ
Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
History of Political Thoughts
Politics in the Historical & Intellectual Context
Motomichi IGARASHI Introduction to International Relations
Foreign Policy
Akira KAJIWARA Political Process
Legislative Process
Nam-Hee KWON International Law
Kentaro SAEGUSA Social Anthropology
Regional Society Ⅰ
Tsutomu SUGIURA Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Introduction to Economics
Public Finance
Tomonori NAITO Monetary Policy
International Finance
Katsutoshi HASHIGUCHI Business and OrganizationⅠ
Japanese Economy
Kentaro HATSUMI Introduction to Microeconomics
Economic Policy
Masakazu MATSUMOTO Introduction to Political Science Ⅰ
Public Policy
Normative Theory of Public Policy
Yuri YAMANAKA Criminal Law Ⅰ
Criminal Law Ⅱ
Takao MORITA Introduction to Law Ⅱ
Environmental Policy