The goal of Faculty of Policy Studies is to enable individuals to acquire ability to solve problems and to implement the solutions/strategies using a systemized procedure.You will learn how to express yourselves and to put your ideas into action independently.

Categories Subject
Languages English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Contemporary Japan for foreign students
General Education/
Health and Physical Education
Seminar in Student
Life Science,etc./
Basic Physical Education
Applied Physical Education
Sports Studies-Practice
Sports Studies-Theory,etc.
Career Design Career Design I
Career Design II
Career Design III
Data Analysis Subjects Data Analysis I
Data Analysis II
Data Analysis III
Data Analysis IV
Introductory Subjects Introductory Seminar for Social Science I
Introductory Seminar for Social Science II
Global Citizenship
Introduction to International Relations
Introduction to Political Science I
Introduction to Political Science II
Introduction to Law I
Introduction to Law II
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Microeconomics
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Introduction to Business Administration
Global and Asian Legal Policy Studies
Core Subjects Introductory Seminar I
Introductory Seminar II
Introductory Seminar III
Professional Seminar I
Professional Seminar II
Graduation Dissertation
Public Policy
International Law【International Public Policy I】
History of Political Thoughts
Political Process
Public Administration
Management of Local Government
Constitutional Law I
Constitutional Law II
Civil Law I
Criminal Law I
Media and Society
Social Anthropology
Economic Policy
Public Finance
Monetary Policy
International Economics
International Economic Policy
Business and Organization I
Business Logistics
Social Security
Risk Management
Applied Subjects
International Politics and Economics Multicultural Society
Japanese Politics
Law and Development
International Society and Economy
Asian Economy
Japanese Economy
Regional Society I
International Public Policy【International Public Policy II】
European Integration
International Cooperation and Asia
Transnational Relations
Security Policy
Foreign Policy
Politics in the historical & intellectual Context
History of Legal Ideas
Minority Studies
Development Economics
International Finance
Environmental Policy
Transportation Policy
Game Theory
Comparative Politics/Economy I
Comparative Politics/Economy II
Professional Reading
Special Topics
Politics and Policy Normative Theory of Public Policy
Policy Process
Civil Law II
Public Choice Theory
Welfare Policy
Legislative Process
Political Sociology
Political Engagement
Local Government Policy Making
Constitutional Law III
Civil Law III
Criminal Law II
Leadership Study
Media and Information
City Planning
Local Community and Administration Enterprise and Organization II
Organization and law
Regional Economy
Strategies of Regional Industries
Community Renovation
Tourism Policy
Local Society II
Health and Welfare in Local Society
Organization and Management Commercial Law II
Quantitative Analysis
Financial Engineering
Corporate Finance
Non-life Insurance
Financial Strategy
Department of Global and Asian
Legal Policy Studies
Commercial Law I
Common Law
Asian Law and Society I
Asian Law and Society II
Comparative Legal History
Theories of corporations and associations
Environmental Law Policy
German Law and Society
French Law and Society
EU Law
Asian Law and Society III
Asian Law and Society IV
Asian Law and Society V
Asian Law and Society VI