List of Faculty Members

Department of Architecture

Title Name Research Area
Professor EGAWA Naoki Architectural and Land Design (Architectural and Urban Environmental Design)
FUJITA Masaya Architectural History
Urban & Territorial History
ITO Atsushi Builing Foundation Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
KAWAI Yasuhito Environmental Engineering I Laboratory, Acoustical Design of Rooms and Noise Control
MASUI Takeshi Structural and Geotechnical Mechanics
Mechanics of Building Structures
Structural Design of Buildings
NISHIZAWA Hidekazu Conservation Engineering
SUEKANE Shingo Architectural Theory and Design
SUZUKI Sanshiro Earthquake Disaster Prevention Engineering and the System Framework of Building Structures
Associate Professor HARA Naoya Design and Control of the Visual and Lighting Environment
Design Based on Perception of Color, Brightness, Glare and Visibility
Psychophiysics of Vision and Color Science
HASHITERA Tomoko History and Theory of Modern Architecture
Architectural Conservation
KAMETANI Yoshihiro Green Building and Sustainable Development
Design for the Aged and the Handicapped
Townscape and Landscape
KINOSHITA Hikaru Design and Management of Public Space
Site Planning and Urban Dwelling
Urban Regeneration
MATSUDA Satoshi Earthquake Engineering
Stochastic Structural Dynamics
Seismic Design
OKA Eriko Urban Living Environment
Urban Planning and Housing
Landscape and Living Scenery
TOYODA Masahiro Vibroacoustic Analysis
Prediction of Floor Impact Noise
Improvement of Sound Insulation Performance
Lecturer MIYAZAKI Hiroshi Green Building/ Cool Roof
Urban Climate/ Urban Heat Island
Remote Sensing/ Geographic Information System
Assistant Professor NOMURA Masaharu Research on the city management directed by Japanese financial cliques
Research on the development of office buildings as building type
Architectural design

Department of Civil, Environmental and Applied System Engineering

Title Name Research Area
Professor AKIYAMA Takamasa Urban Trasport Planning
Travel Behaviour Analysis
Traffic Safety Planning
DOGAKl Masahiro Performance-based Design Methodology of Infrastructures
Maintenance Strategy of Infrastructures
Performance Evaluation of Deteriorating Highway Bridges
ISHIGAKI Taisuke Hydraulic Engineering for Environment and Disaster Prevention
Urban Flood and Evacuation from Underground Space
Traditional Counter Measures for Flood Disaster
KIMURA Toshikazu Exploring Decision Support Models in OR-Oriented Finance
Evaluation of Investment Projects under Uncertainty
Analysis and Control of Congestion Phenomena in Urban Infrastructure
KOBAYASHI Akira Asset management of infrustructure
Nondestructive examination of infrastructure
Risk management of infrastructure
KUSUMI Harushige Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Rock Slope Analysis and Investigation
Ground Water Analysis
MORIOKA Tohru Urban Facility Management for Low-Carbon Society
Environmental Risk Management
Life-Cycle Design for Eco-Efficiency
NISHIGATA Tatsuaki Geotechnical Engineering
Soil Reinforcement
Stability analysis for castle stone wall
SAKANO Masahiro Fatigue Design, Retrofitting, Rehabilitation, and Management of Steel Structures
Design of High-Performance Steel Bridges
Fracture Control of Steel Structures
TAKIZAWA Yasuhisa Ubiquitous Computing
Wireless Networking
Network Dynamics
TANAKA-KANEKIYO Hiroaki System Modeling for Risk Analysis
Practical Applications of Stochastic Systems
Development of fast simulation schemes
YUN Yeboon Multi-Objective Optimization and its Applications
Computational Intelligence Methods
Data Analysis and its Applications
Associate Professor INOKUCHI Hiroaki Transportation Planning
Traffic Simulation
Automobile Exhaust Gas Analysis
KITAZUME Keiichi Regional Planning
Project Evaluation and Accounting
Public Private Partnership
KUBOTA Satoshi Geographic Information Systems
Information Management System for Social Infrastructure
Three-dimensional Computer Aided Design, Computer Graphics, and Geographic Information Systems
OZAKI Taira Environmental Engineering
Urban Strom Drainage and Watershed Management
SHIMADA Hiroaki Characteristics of Wave Overtopping Over an Amenity-Oriented Seawall
A Study on the Construction of Man-Made Lagoon Aiming at Coexistence with Marine Organisms
TSURUTA Hiroaki Effective Utilization of Industrial Wastes for aggregate and admixture in Concrete
Effect of Surface Protection Methods on Concrete Structures
Applying of Semi-Self Compacting Concrete to a coastal revetment
YASUMURO Yoshihiro Multimedia Information Systems
Information Visualization
Image and Graphics Processing
Assistant Professor ADACHI Naotoshi Modeling for Network System and Performance Analysis of Multimedia
DAN Hiroshige Optimization
Operations Research
UEDA Naoshi Evaluation of seismic performance of concrete structures
Prediction of deterioration of concrete structures
Failure behavior analysis of fiber reinforced concrete

Department of Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering

Title Name Research Area
Professor HAYASHI Jun'ichi Adsorption Engineering
Production and Characterization of Porous Material
Biomass Conversion Technology
IKENAGA Naoki Catalytic Engineering
Development of Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
Chemical Utilization of Carbon Dioxide
MIYAKE Takanori Inorganic Chemistry
Syntheses of Functional Materials
Conversion of Biomass-Derived Alcohols
MIYAKE Yoshikazu Separation Engineering
Membrane Separation
Characteristics of Molecular Assembly
ODA Hirokazu Elucidation of the Adsorption/Desorption Mechanism of Ions by an Electrical Double Layer Capacitor
Preparation and Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials for Capacitor Electrodes
Modeling on Pore Variation of Carbon Materials During Gasification
OKADA Yoshiki Chemical Reaction Engineering
Nanoparticle Technology
Microreactor Engineering
SHIBATA Junji Separation Science and Technology for Resources Recycling
Applied Surface and Colloid Chemistry
Separation and Recovery of Critical Metals from Wastes
YAMAMOTO Hideki Experimental Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Environment Regeneration Engineering
Associate Professor IYOKI Shigeki Chemical Engineering Drawing
Absorption Refrigerating Machines and Heat Pumps
Controlled Atmosphere and Chilled Storage of Meats
MURAYAMA Norihiro Resources Recycling Engineering
Synthesis of Inorganic Compounds from Industrial Wastes or By-products
Application of Inorganic Compounds to Ion Exchanger and Adsorbent
NAKAGAWA Kiyoharu Synthesis of Nano Carbon Materials
TANAKA Shunsuke Design of Ordered Nanostructured Materials
Zeolite Chemistry
Development of New Separation Materials and Systems
Lecturer SANO Makoto Functional Inorganic Materials
Development of Energy Conversion Materials
Solvent Extraction and Ion exchange
Assistant Professor ARAKI Sadao Green Engineering
Development of Inorganic Membranes and Membrane Reactors
Greenhouse Gas Technologies (Capture, Decomposition and Chemical Utilization)
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