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Japan - EU International Research Workshop 2018 was held

On 5th November, 2018, Japan - EU International Research Workshop 2018 was held at KU Leuven where Kansai University Japan - EU Research Centre is located.
The theme of this year was "Workshop on Smart Materials for Advanced Reliable Therapeutics -Future Medical Applications by Kansai University Medical Polymer(KUMP)."
The workshop started with the opening address by President Keiji Shibai. At the main session, members of KU-SMART* Project, Prof. OHYA Yuichi, Prof. MIYATA Takashi and Assoc. Prof. KAKINOKI Sachiro gave presentations. We also invited Assoc. Prof. Lieven Thorrez from KU Leuven as a speaker. Students from Faculty of Medicine and other participants from KU Leuven listened attentively to the potential of KUMP.

* KU-SMART: Acronym of "Kansai University Smart Materials for Advanced and Reliable Therapeutics."

KU-SMART Project Website

Japan - EU International Research WorkshopJapan - EU International Research Workshop

November 14, 2018 05:00 PM  UP

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