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Experienced rice harvesting in a program "Study through agricultural work"

On October 4, a total of 20 students, six learning assistants (LA), two alumni and two educational staff participated in rice harvesting in Takatsuki city as a part of the class "Study through agricultural work", run by Professor Toshiyuki Yamamoto, Division of Promotion of Educational Development.
This program aims at fostering responsibility among students for nurturing life through cultivating crops, and having respect for people engaged in farming and creating agricultural products. Based on the educational method "Problem-Based Learning (PBL)", this program aims to facilitate collaboration between students and local people engaged in agriculture to find and solve problems with the objective of branding their agricultural products. This is an active-learning class in which students learn the mechanisms of communal activities outside the classroom.

With support from Hiroshi Mukai, a farmer in Hamuro-cho in Takatsuki City, students participated in all stages from planting to distributing rice and learned the current situation and problems faced by those involved in communal agriculture during the spring semester. Since the rice planting, they have watched its growth for four months, and finally had the harvest time.

During autumn semester, each student team will start rice harvesting as the first phase of the field work, then find and solve practical problems through experiencing concept design, product design, marketing and distributing of rice, as well as autumn vegetables they have cultivate in addition to the rice.

Study through agricultural work
Study through agricultural work
Study through agricultural work
Study through agricultural work

November 10, 2014 04:18 PM  UP

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