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Hundreds of Kandai Students joined in Osaka Marathon 2012

Osaka Marathon 2012, co-sponsored by Kansai University was held on November 25. A total of 30,000 runners raced through the city of Osaka. Eighteen runners participated from our university, along with approximately 400 water-station volunteers, 24 students collected donations, and 16 student English and Chinese interpreters. The KU cheerleading squad and student groups held cheering events on the roadside to bring additional excitement to runners and the overall event. President Harushige Kusumi participated as a runner in the marathon and was able to complete the race in fine form. During the race he complimented each KU student volunteer with words of thanks. The student runners were also able to meet their objectives in completing the race

Osaka Marathon 2012 Official Website

KU President Harushige Kusumi praising student volunteers attending the water-stations (Left)

Student volunteer supplying water to runners

Student volunteers asking for charity donations

Student volunteer interpreters working at the general information center

Cheerleading squad in front of the Osaka City Central Public Hall

Student group participating in the cheering event at the Seinan Environment Management Center

Student runner

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