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KU Web Movie

The Beat of "THINK×ACT" ~Your future will move on at Kansai University~


  In July 2008, Kansai University determined its long-term vision for the university, entitled "KU Vision 2008-2017". As to the future direction of the university, we adopted the slogan of 'looking social realities in the face, and meeting the challenges presented by social change, KU human resources fully capable of "action-from-thought" will open up new worlds'.

  Having decided to make a web movie on the theme of "capability of action-from-thought", We asked Mr. Hideki Kuroda, a leading Japanese CM director, who graduated from Kansai University, to direct a web movie. Despite his tight schedule, he kindly agreed to cooperate for the sake of his alma mater. Furthermore, Mr. Kuroda asked other alumni who are also prominent in the industry to participate in the project as a producer and other staff members. Therefore, including the cast of enrolled students, this will be an ALL KANDAI project.

Mr. Hideki kurodas Profile

Mr. Hideki Kuroda

  CM director. Born in Osaka, 1958. After graduating from the Faculty of Sociology at Kansai University in 1982, he joined Dentsu Motion Pictures Inc., which is now Dentsu Creative X Inc. In 1990, he went freelance, and established his own office in 1994.

  Due to his unique images, he achieved great success in the CM world. He has made many memorable CMs for the likes of Suntory, Mandom, Toyota, Shiseido, and Daiichi Sankyo Healthcare, whose Regain energy drink catchphrase "Can you fight for 24 hours?" was discussed as a Japanese theory. It has been said that his original expression which always stimulates viewers has changed the direction of CF images.

  Apart from CMs, he also directed music videos for Masaharu Fukuyama, Southern All Stars, SMAP, and Yosui Inoue, among others. Using a precise processing of images, he creates scenes reflecting "right brain" thinking. He has won many awards.

Representative Works

Suntory “PEPSI-MAN” series, etc., PEPSI Campaign
Mandom “GATSBY”(Masahiro Motoki, Takuya Kimura)
Toyota “COROLLA FIELDER” ( Takuya Kimura), “IST”(Joe Odagiri)
Shiseido “TSUBAKI”, “White TSUBAKI”, “08 Summer Campaign”
“SHISEIDO The Collagen”
Ezaki Glico “Pocky”(YMO)
Panasonic “LUMIX”(Haruka Ayase, Takeru Sato)

The Making of the Movie

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